Over the past eight years, Swim with Heart has worked with over 500 children and adults of various abilities, helping them find greater confidence and connection through swimming.   The SWH team consists of two main programs: Team Sharks for all levels of swimmers under 18-years old and our SWH Masters for swimmers over 18.


sharksSHARKS: What makes our Sharks program truly one-of-a-kind is Coach Mikey’s unique ability to teach outside the box. In the outside world, most of these kids are used to being singled out for having “special needs,” or being “disabled,” but Mikey doesn’t see them that way.   Mikey forms a personal connection with each and every child. And in only a few swim lessons, she shows them a world of abilities they never knew they had.  This newfound confidence stays with the children outside the pool and miracles occur.


In a very short time, these children who were previously struggling to connect with anyone, now feel like part of a team, and more importantly, a community.


SWH MASTERS PROGAM: We provide year round training for every level of swimmer over 18. Our training is specially formulated to increase speed, endurance and power.  Our World Rank coaches focus on cutting-edge techniques to increase proficiency while avoiding injuries. The elite coaches of SWH work to empower each swimmer to achieve their potential within the sport. It is the philosophy of SWH that each swimmer’s experience be positive and supportive in order to maximize performance.


SWH is committed to providing exceptional instruction for all athletes and encourages swimmers to reach for their dreams.