Ripple Effect – Jimmy’s Corner

Excellence in any domain always begins with a decision and a choice. First, it is important to understand what you are passionate about. What lights your fire? What ignites the motivation to make strides towards reaching your potential? When you answer these questions you then have direction. Many struggle to find this direction. Once this is known you are already one step ahead of most.

Big Step #1 – FOCUS is a crucial component of success.

Big Step #2 – PERSIST through the ongoing obstacles that you will encounter.

For a joyful existence you must CHOOSE to do the following…
• To excel within your passion.
• To bring full focus and quality to your work.
• To direct your stress in a productive way.
• To respond positively to obstacles.
• To recognize that the choices you make direct the quality of your performance.

Keeping a sense of purpose, passion, and perspective helps to build momentum when things get tough. What are the reasons for why you are doing what you are doing? Is it meaningful? What will it bring you? What will it bring to those that you care about? What do you love about it? Retaining your ignition allows excellence to become a realistic goal. Constantly reminding yourself of your passion and purpose will keep your focus vivid and strong. Engulf your choices in love, joy, creativity and determination to keep your vision clear. Keep a positive perspective when tough situations present themselves because it will help you to overcome challenges and strengthen your pursuit of excellence.

Choosing to focus can be one of the hardest things to do. Combine a positive mindset with every decision to create constant improvement in each task of the day. You have the CHOICE to go through the motions or perform your tasks with quality. If you are only present physically things will not work. Use your thoughts and focus together so they can work with your efforts. Doing this will transform your performance from poor to good, good to great, and great to consistently great.

A positive perspective will allow you to always learn from your experiences and performances. Apply the lessons learned to kick-start the action needed. Then focus on what is in front of you to become fully engaged. In doing this you can access free flowing energy. Align this energy with daily choices and focus to unlock true potential and create limitless opportunities. Now reach out to grab your destiny!